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The influence of the surface layer on the combination of properties of thin TiNi alloy wires 399 442 49
Phase equilibrium, structure, mechanical and biocompatible properties of TiNi-based alloy with silver 319 314 2
Features of stress changes in the alloy Ti50Ni48.7Mo0.3V1 under loading in a wide temperature range 1095 1220 142
Shape memory effect parameters in TiNi-based alloys with silver 454 532 86
Metal-glass-ceramic phases on the surface of porous TiNi-based SHS-material for carriers of cells 411 411 2
The effect of silver doping on the structure and shape memory effect in biocompatible TiNi alloys 64 65 2
Phase formation during air annealing of Ti-Ni-Ti laminate 141 182 45
Structure and phase composition of a coating synthesized from Ti-Nni-Ti laminate on TiNi substrate 103 125 41
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Baigonakova, Gulsharat A.

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Baigonakova, Gulsharat A.

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