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Coherent states of inverse oscillators and related problems 876 878 4
Completeness for coherent states in a magnetic–solenoid field 894 893 6
Angular distributions of synchrotron radiation in the nonrelativistic approximation 689 690 3
Entanglement of two-electron spin states in a double quantum dot 1056 1054 3
New results in the fundamental theory of synchrotron radiation: the evolution of spectral maximum 683 832 155
The Dirac equation and its solutions 737 730 5
Numerical analysis of the effective width of the spectrum of synchrotron radiation 747 912 174
Two interacting spins in external fields and application to quantum computation 930 932 3
Angular distributions of relativistic electrons under channeling in half – wavelength crystal and corresponding radiation 466 470 4
Coherent states of systems with quadratic Hamiltonians 317 320 4
Special features of the angular distribution of synchrotron radiation power of descrete spectral harmonics 810 813 4
The synchrotron radiation of first excited state electrons 802 803 2
Particle localization in a double-well potential by pseudo-supersymmetric fields 857 861 6
The states of an electron moving in a uniform magnetic field. The coupling between its oscillations and rotation 914 915 4
Quantum motion in superposition of Aharonov–Bohm with some additional electromagnetic fields 790 787 3
Coherent states and related quantizations for unbounded motions 956 953 5
Interpretation of quantum numbers in the problem of charge motion in a constant uniform magnetic field 1262 1263 4
Coherent states of non-relativistic electron in the magnetic-solenoid field 961 957 6
Quantum deformation of the angular distribution of synchrotron radiation. Emission from particles in the first excited state 904 904 5
Structure of the electromagnetic field allowing exact solution of the Schrödinger equation in superposition with an Aharonov-Bohm field 798 800 7
Coherent and semiclassical states in a magnetic field in the presence of the Aharonov-Bohm solenoid 920 919 5
Dependence of effective spectrum width of synchrotron radiation on particle energy 504 503 3
Kinematic identification of the angular power distribution and the linear polarization of radiation of an arbitrarily moving charge 528 527 5
Squaring the Dirac equations 181 179 3
Study of the influence of spin on the angular distribution radiation of synchrotron for weakly excited particles 687 687 2
Effective spectrum width of the synchrotron radiation 619 618 1
New results in fundamental theory of synchrotron radiation 784 785 1
Planar channelling of relativistic electrons in half-wave silicon crystal and corresponding radiation 526 660 138
On the wave zone of synchrotron radiation 55 84 34
Quantum states of an electromagnetic field interacting with a classical current and their applications to radiation problems 106 106 2
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