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Terahertz resonator diagnostics of filamentary dielectric objects 314 359 54
Local quasioptical resonator diagnostics of semiconductor wafers 344 379 50
Ferromagnetic resonance in hexagonal ferrite BaFe12O19 at the EHF frequency range 269 324 71
Anisotropy of electrical properties of 3D-printing MWCNT composites at the THz frequency range 308 375 73
Quasi-optical resonant single-frequency flaw detector of polymer filament for 3D printing 63 79 18
Influence of heterogeneity composite filament for additive technology on its electrophysical properties at THz range 65 83 20
Additive technologies in the protection of electronic equipment from electromagnetic radiation 82 105 26
Electrophysical characteristics of Sub-THz diode with Schottky barrier 57 78 24
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Badin, Alexander V.

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Badin, Alexander V.

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