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Prospects of paramagnetic lanthanide complexes for magnetic resonance imaging, local thermosensing and diagnosing 414 529 130
Nasal aerodynamics protects brain and lung from inhaled dust in subterranean diggers Ellobius talpinus 2130 2119 5
Neurometabolic effect of altaian fungus Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi Mushroom) in rats under moderate alcohol consumption 1354 1640 325
Hereditary catalepsy in mice is associated with the brain dysmorphology and altered stress response 1345 1340 5
MRI study of the cuprizone-induced mouse model of multiple sclerosis: demyelination is not found after co-treatment with polyprenols (long-chain isoprenoid alcohols) 596 728 146
Reconstruction of unbroken vasculature of mouse by varying the slope of the scan plane in MRI 781 886 121
High-resolution three-dimensional quantitative map of the macromolecular proton fraction distribution in the normal rat brain 608 608 3
Quantitative imaging of white and gray matter remyelination in the cuprizone demyelination model using the macromolecular proton fraction 308 369 71
Quantitative assessment of demyelination in ischemic stroke in vivo using macromolecular proton fraction mapping 176 172 1
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