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Utilizing heavy metal-laden water hyacinth biomass in vermicomposting 718 680 3
Effectiveness of applying bacteria Pseudomonas sp., strain B-6798, for anti-phytopathogenic protection of crops in Western Siberia 1075 1262 225
Effect of bacterization with Aeromonas media GS4 and Pseudomonas extremorientalis PhS1 on wheat seedlings under different abiotic conditions 862 953 166
Pseudomonads associated with soil lumbricides as promising agents in root rot biocontrol for spring grain crops 235 299 70
Effect of Pseudomonas bacteria on peroxidase activity in wheat plants when infected with Bipolaris sorokiniana 195 196 2
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Akimova, Elena E.

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Akimova, Elena E.

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