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Biomechanical assessment of myocardial infarction using optical coherence elastography 1853 1962 136
Effects of thickness on corneal biomechanical properties using optical coherence elastography 2172 2166 3
Optical coherence elastography assessment of corneal viscoelasticity with a modified Rayleigh-Lamb wave model 69325 68671 4
Noncontact elastic wave imaging optical coherence elastography for evaluating changes in corneal elasticity due to crosslinking 17332 17344 198
Nanobomb optical coherence elastography 11295 11152 3
Evaluation of posterior porcine sclera elasticity in situ as a function of IOP 12931 13011 196
Analysis of the effects of curvature and thickness on elastic wave velocity in cornea-like structures by finite element modeling and optical coherence elastography 10895 10951 146
Assessing the effects of riboflavin/UV-A crosslinking on porcine corneal mechanical anisotropy with optical coherence elastography 73814 73274 110
Quantifying lens elastic properties with optical coherence elastography as a function of intraocular pressure 798 873 93
Quantifying changes in lenticular stiffness with optical coherence elastography 669 736 76
Differentiation of murine colon pathology by optical and mechanical contrast using optical coherence tomography and elastography 3553 3575 69
Assessing the effects of storage medium on the biomechanical properties of porcine lens with optical coherence elastography 376 431 67
Quantifying the effects of hydration on corneal stiffness with optical coherence elastography 7544 7525 56
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