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Justification of choice of the spectral range for the study of combustion processes with the use of thermography in the middle IR range 1244 1391 158
Studying the effect of fire retardant coating on the fire hazard characteristics of wood using infrared thermography 745 863 126
Application of thermography in experimental studies of plasma jets 1141 1290 155
Estimation of the influence of wood-fire retardants on fire behavior of some types of wood construction materials 910 1000 102
Determination of smoldering time and thermal characteristics of firebrands under laboratory conditions 707 703 6
Investigation of the fire hazard characteristics of wood using infrared thermography 296 363 71
Choice of a spectral range for measuring temperature fields in a flame and recording high-temperature objects screened by the flame using IR diagnosticm methods 826 815 1
Experimental study of the influence of ignition source position on the parameters of peat fire propagation 579 708 142
Thermography of flame during diesel fuel combustion with steam gasification 1340 1487 170
Estimation of the turbulence scale in flame using the method of IR diagnostics 1425 1596 185
Investigation of the ignition of wood structural materials (with and without fire retardant treatment) under the influence of a model fire of irregular intensity 422 481 69
Comparison of experimental data and numerical simulation of large turbulent structures in diffusion flames 306 367 68
Improvement of firebrand tracking and detection software 857 956 120
Thermography of wood-base panels during fire tests in laboratory and field conditions 572 621 60
Evaluating characteristics of turbulent flames by using IR thermography and PIV 780 776 2
Investigation by contact and non-contact method of firehazardous characteristics of some building materials on the basis of wood 302 335 36
Integrated experimental study using infrared thermography method on behavior of wood constructional materials in fire conditions 120 147 31
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