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Geochemical characteristics of vanavarskaya suite on the example of Pridutsky area (Eastern Siberia) 462 597 148
Lithological and geochemical facies of paleoestuary basins on the example of Cenomanian sediments of the Vaniegansk structure (Western Siberia) 610 950 362
Geochemical properties of terrigenous rocks as indicators of sedimentation conditions clinoform by the example of Achimov complex (Western Siberia) 631 958 351
Mineralogical and geochemical heterogeneity of the Bazhenov suite 434 496 82
Heterogeneity of the Tutleim formation (West Siberia) 118 157 46
Preliminary data on the connection of the ca. 150 Ma LIPs with the Bazhenov formation (Western Siberia) 28 43 24
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Afonin, Igor V.

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Afonin, Igor V.

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