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ABC effect and resonance structure in the double-pionic fusion to 3He 724 718 1
Search for η -mesic 4He in the dd → 3Henπ0 and dd → 3Hepπ - reactions with the WASA-at-COSY facility 912 907 3
Measurement of np->npπ0π0 reaction in search for the recently observed d*(2380) resonance 754 881 131
Measurement of the ω→π+π−π0 Dalitz plot distribution 1088 1193 116
Examination of the production of an isotensor dibaryon in the pp → ppπ+π− reaction 801 847 59
Total and differential cross sections of η-production in proton-deuteron fusion for excess energies between Qη=13MeV and Qη=81MeV 525 561 40
Search for C violation in the decay η→π0e+e−with WASA-at-COSY 751 776 37
Backward single-pion production in the pd→3Heπ0 reaction with WASA-at-COSY 498 495 2
Differential cross sections for neutron-proton scattering in the region of the d*(2380) dibaryon resonance 645 692 51
Three-nucleon dynamics in dp breakup collisions using the WASA detector at COSY-Jülich 413 431 23
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