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Pressure-Induced Hydrogen Bond Symmetrization in Iron Oxyhydroxide 637 624 4
Significant correlation between macroscopic and microscopic parameters for the description of localized plastic flow auto-waves in deforming alloys 387 385 4
Magnetism and dynamic stability of Co, Fe and Cr mononitrides from first principle calculations 264 325 65
Recent progress in simulations of the paramagnetic state of magnetic materials 450 444 3
Importance of correlation effects in hcp iron revealed by a pressure-induced electronic topological transition 863 858 2
Strong electron correlations stabilize paramagnetic cubic Cr1xAlxN solid solutions 466 464 3
Magnetic interactions in NiO at ultrahigh pressure 102 123 24
Hyperfine Splitting and Room-Temperature Ferromagnetism of Ni at Multimegabar Pressure 543 537 1
Volume matching condition to establish the enhanced piezoelectricity in ternary (Sc,Y)0.5(Al,Ga,In)0.5N alloys 327 328 6
Nitrogen vacancy, self-interstitial diffusion, and Frenkel-pair formation/dissociation in B1 TiN studied by ab initio and classical molecular dynamics with optimized potentials 16 21 6
Spin and photophysics of carbon-antisite vacancy defect in 4H silicon carbide: a potential quantum bit 42 48 7
First-principles calculations of properties of orthorhombic iron carbide Fe7C3 at the Earth's core conditions 33 39 7
Charge neutrality in epitaxial graphene on 6H-SiC(0001) via nitrogen intercalation 22 27 6
Optical properties and Zeeman spectroscopy of niobium in silicon carbide 49 53 6
Influence of stresses on structure and properties of Ti and Zr-based alloys from first-principles simulations 16 20 6
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