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Volume matching condition to establish the enhanced piezoelectricity in ternary (Sc,Y)0.5(Al,Ga,In)0.5N alloys 855 855 7
Nitrogen vacancy, self-interstitial diffusion, and Frenkel-pair formation/dissociation in B1 TiN studied by ab initio and classical molecular dynamics with optimized potentials 737 805 85
Significant correlation between macroscopic and microscopic parameters for the description of localized plastic flow auto-waves in deforming alloys 995 993 6
Optical properties and Zeeman spectroscopy of niobium in silicon carbide 868 932 87
Importance of correlation effects in hcp iron revealed by a pressure-induced electronic topological transition 2528 2495 3
Strong electron correlations stabilize paramagnetic cubic Cr1xAlxN solid solutions 1045 1042 4
Recent progress in simulations of the paramagnetic state of magnetic materials 1019 999 4
Magnetic interactions in NiO at ultrahigh pressure 1600 1667 94
Charge neutrality in epitaxial graphene on 6H-SiC(0001) via nitrogen intercalation 556 619 74
Hyperfine Splitting and Room-Temperature Ferromagnetism of Ni at Multimegabar Pressure 1547 1538 2
Pressure-Induced Hydrogen Bond Symmetrization in Iron Oxyhydroxide 1748 1730 6
First-principles calculations of properties of orthorhombic iron carbide Fe7C3 at the Earth's core conditions 731 835 125
Influence of stresses on structure and properties of Ti and Zr-based alloys from first-principles simulations 661 763 115
Spin and photophysics of carbon-antisite vacancy defect in 4H silicon carbide: a potential quantum bit 767 845 96
Magnetism and dynamic stability of Co, Fe and Cr mononitrides from first principle calculations 780 928 182
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