Электронная библиотека (репозиторий) Томского государственного университета
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The interaction between the meningeal lymphatics and blood-brain barrier 500 446 3
Off-axis holographic laser speckle contrast imaging of blood vessels in tissues 853 1011 208
Stress plays provoking role in hypertension-related stroke: Injuries of blood-brain barrier function 1682 1780 182
Cerebral venous circulatory disturbance as an informative prognostic marker for neonatal hemorrhagic stroke 1139 1272 193
The stress and vascular catastrophes in newborn rats: mechanisms preceding and accompanying the brain hemorrhages 2716 2712 97
Pilot study of transcranial photobiomodulation of lymphatic clearance of beta-amyloid from the mouse brain: breakthrough strategies for non-pharmacologic therapy of Alzheimer's disease 639 643 58
Photodynamic opening of the blood-brain barrier and pathways of brain clearing 417 413 2
Optical coherent tomography and fluorescent microscopy for the study of meningeal lymphatic systems 367 392 25
A robust model of an OCT signal in a spectral domain 62 63 2
Photodynamic therapy of brain tumors and novel optical coherence tomography strategies for in vivo monitoring of cerebral fluid dynamics 9 13 5
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Abdurashitov, Arkady

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